Essential Oils

  • Myrrh Essential Oil

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    Myrrh Essential Oil

    Myrrh oil CEO-30 content:99% Function: sterilization, disinfection and strong, inhibition of skin inflammation, treatment of eczema, nourishing chapped and frostbite skin, wrinkles effective. . Enhance brain vitality, restore physical and mental vigor, sober mind. Protection...Read More

  • Oriental Arborvitae Oil

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    Oriental Arborvitae Oil

    Platycladus orientalis essential oil CEO-29 content:99% Function: Antimicrobial anti-inflammatory, astringent, diuretic, softening, phlegm, mold-killing, tonic Ingredients: Needle leaf of Platycladus orientalis Extraction method: Steam distillation GMP Packing: 10KG / barrelRead More

  • Benzoin Essential Oil

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    Benzoin Essential Oil

    "Benzoin CEO-28 content:99% Function: treatment of cracking, dry skin, make the skin to restore flexibility; Treatment of frostbite, skin ulcers, rash of the wound, lungs, smooth the respiratory tract, to help cough, sore throat, asthma, bronchitis, phlegm Treatment of...Read More

  • White Orchid Essential Oil

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    White Orchid Essential Oil

    White Orchid Essential Oil CEO-27 content:99% Function: calm and relax nerves, eliminate tension and palpitations. Ingredients: white orchid Extraction: CO2 extraction Packing: 10KG / barrelRead More

  • Valerian Essential Oil

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    Valerian Essential Oil

    Valerian oil CEO-26 content :99% Function: driving wind, excitement, sedation Raw materials: Valerian root and stem Extraction method: Steam distillation GMP Packing: 1 0KG / barrelRead More

  • Spearmint Oil

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    Spearmint Oil

    "Spearmint oilCEO-25 content:99% Function: relieve stomach bloating, constipation, vomiting and nausea; relieve cough, bronchitis, asthma, mucositis and sinusitis. Slow skin itching; refreshing raw materials: spearmint stems and leaves, leaflets mint leaves and leaves...Read More

  • Sandalwood Essential Oil

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    Sandalwood Essential Oil

    Sandalwood Essential Oil CEO-23 content:99% Function: dilute scars, fine lines, moisturize the skin, prevent wrinkles; with sedative qualities, can soothe nerves and anxiety, relax; efficient kidney, relax nerves, improve sexual cold raw materials: Indian sandalwood /...Read More

  • Sage Essential Oil

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    Sage Essential Oil

    Sage oil CEO-22 content:99% Function: antidepressant, protect the uterus, balanced menstrual raw materials: Xinjiang China Extraction: CO2 Packing: 10KG / barrelRead More

  • Rosemary Essential Oil

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    Rosemary Essential Oil

    "Rosemary essential oil CEO-21 content:99% Function: conditioning greasy unclean skin, promote blood circulation, stimulate hair regeneration;Reduce skin congestion, edema, swelling; Convergence of the skin, improve dandruff; ease menstrual pain, diuretic, weight loss;...Read More

  • Rose Essential Oil

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    Rose Essential Oil

    Rose oil CEO-20 content:99% Function: adjust the female endocrine, nourish the uterus, relieve dysmenorrhea, improve sexual apathy and menopausal discomfort. Reduce skin spots, promote melanin decomposition, improve dry skin, restore skin elasticity Material: Rose Extraction:...Read More

  • Osmanthus Essential Oil

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    Osmanthus Essential Oil

    Osmanthus oil CEO-19 content:99% function: calm, soothing spirit, antibacterial raw materials: Guilin, Guilin, China extract: CO2, 35 degrees Packing: 10KG / barrelRead More

  • Mutual Leaf Melaleuca Essential Oil

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    Mutual Leaf Melaleuca Essential Oil

    "Inter-Leaf Melaleuca CEO-17 with terpineol -4 is greater than 41%, cineole oil is less than 1.8%. Function: sterilization anti-inflammatory, astringent, cough, rhinitis, asthma, dysmenorrhea, menstrual disorders infection. Apply to oily and acne skin, treatment of...Read More

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