Antihypertensive Extract

  • Ganoderma Lucidum Extract

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    Ganoderma Lucidum Extract

    Ganoderma lucidum extract CHP-030 Extraction method: ethanol Function: dissolve thrombosis, remove intravascular deposition and toxins, so that the recovery of elastic blood vessels to prevent blood vessel rupture, blood vessels, blood pressureRead More

  • Tribulus Terrestris Extract

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    Tribulus Terrestris Extract

    Tribulus terrestris extract CHP-037 Extraction method: ethanol Function: lower blood pressure, blood fat, anti-atherosclerosisRead More

  • Salvia Extract

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    Salvia Extract

    Salvia extract CHP-036 Extraction: ethanol function: lowering blood pressure, with significant expansion of coronary artery, increase coronary blood flow, reduce myocardial oxygen consumption, slow down the heart rate and increase the role of myocardial contractility....Read More

  • Olive Leaf Extract

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    Olive Leaf Extract

    "Olive leaf extract CHP-035 Extraction component: olive bitter Extract method: ethanol Function: relieve the discomfort caused by inadequate arterial flow, including angina and intermittent claudication.It helps to eliminate atrial fibrillation (arrhythmia) Hypertension...Read More

  • Hawthorn Leaf Extract

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    Hawthorn Leaf Extract

    Hawthorn leaf extract CHP-032 Extraction method: ethanol function: blood pressure, increase coronary blood flowRead More

  • Gastrodia Extract

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    Gastrodia Extract

    Gastrodia extract CHP-031 Extraction method: ethanol Function: treatment of vertigo, headache, Kouyanwaixie, high blood lipids, high blood pressureRead More

  • Eucommia Extract

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    Eucommia Extract

    Eucommia extract CHP-029 Extraction components: Chlorogenic acid Extraction method: ethanol Function: two-way regulation of blood pressureRead More

  • Cassia Extract

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    Cassia Extract

    Cassia seed extract CHP-027 Extraction method: ethanol function: lower blood pressure, blood fat, heatRead More

  • Black Fungus Extract

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    Black Fungus Extract

    Black fungus extract CHP-026 Extraction method: ethanol Function: potassium ions, lowering blood pressureRead More

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