The Brain Protects the Extract

  • Walnut Extract

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    Walnut Extract

    Walnut extract CHP-097 Extraction method: ethanol Function: walnut linoleic acid, linolenic acid and other unsaturated fatty acids to exclude impurities in the blood vessels, improve brain function. Zinc, chromium and other trace elements, promote glucose utilization,...Read More

  • Garlic Extract

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    Garlic Extract

    Garlic extract CHP-021 Extraction method: ethanol Function: Enhance the brain immune cellsRead More

  • Camellia Extract

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    Camellia Extract

    Chrysanthemum Tea Extract CHP-091 Extraction Ingredients: Camellia Extract: Ethanol Function: Prevent and improve Alzheimer's disease, protect neurons from oxidationRead More

  • Borneol

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    Borneol CHP-090 Extraction method: ethanol Function: Xingnaoqiaoqiao, heat analgesic, eliminate brain edema, promote drug absorption, two-way regulation of central nervous excitability, anti-myogenicRead More

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