Wild Herbs

  • Wild Mulberry Leaves

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    Wild Mulberry Leaves

    Wild mulberry leaf CWH-027 Function: Anticoagulant effect, lowering blood pressure, lowering blood sugar and blood fat, lowering cholesterol, anti-thrombosis and anti-atherosclerosis, production of blood vessels, anti-virus, anti-tumor effect and anti-aging. Treatment of...Read More

  • Wild Shouwu

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    Wild Shouwu

    Wild Shouwu CWH-026 Function: nourishing blood Yin; laxative; Malaria malaria; detoxification. Treatment of blood deficiency and dizziness; treatment of palpitations, insomnia, liver and kidney yin deficiency of the waist and knees. Treatment of premature white hair,...Read More

  • Wild Puerarin Powder

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    Wild Puerarin Powder

    "Wild Pueraria powder CWH-025 function: lower blood pressure, significantly increase the blood supply of ischemic tissue. Anti-cancer. Treatment of diabetes. Treatment of irritability and heart irritability chest origin: Guangdong, Guangxi, Sichuan, Yunnan Growth...Read More

  • Wild Catch Yellow Grass

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    Wild Catch Yellow Grass

    Wild catch Huangcao CWH-024 Function: detoxification, dampness, blood circulation stasis, Lee water swelling, the treatment of liver disease. Restore liver function, reduce alcohol and drug damage to the liver, inhibit liver fibrosis, cirrhosis, treatment of hepatitis A,...Read More

  • Wild Wild Dendrobium

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    Wild Wild Dendrobium

    Wild Dendrobium wild CWH-023 Function: eyesight, reconcile yin and yang, impotence kidney, beauty in volume, health and longevity. Make up the five internal organs weakness, long muscles, make strength, to the skin warm, cold and paralysis of the treatment of knee pain,...Read More

  • Wild Wild Chrysanthemum

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    Wild Wild Chrysanthemum

    Wild wild chrysanthemum CWH-022 Function: evacuation of wind-heat, detumescence detoxification, treatment of boils carbuncle swollen, sore throat, wind-fire red eyes, headache, dizziness. Prevention of epidemic cerebrospinal meningitis, prevention of influenza, cold,...Read More

  • Wild Snow Lotus

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    Wild Snow Lotus

    "Wild snow lotus CWH-021 Function: treatment of kidney deficiency impotence, Yaoxisuanruan; for women irregular menstruation, uterine bleeding. Treatment of women with lower abdomen Leng Tong, amenorrhea, afterbirth no less than. Treatment of lung cold cough, phlegm,...Read More

  • Wild Schisandra

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    Wild Schisandra

    Wild Schisandra CWH-020 Function: cure lung cough cough, dry mouth, spontaneous perspiration, night sweats, work thin, smooth, Jiuxie Jiuli. Treatment of all shock, collapse (blood dissipation) Origin: Heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia Growth Category: WildRead More

  • Wild Gastrodia Elata

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    Wild Gastrodia Elata

    Wild Tianma CWH-019 Function: treatment of dizziness, numbness, pediatric convulsion, hemiplegia, stroke. Eliminate carbuncle swollen, pass blood, resuscitation. Treatment of all origin: growth species: wildRead More

  • Wild March 7

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    Wild March 7

    Wild March 7 CWH-018 Function: Stasis to stop bleeding, swelling, pain. Treatment of hemoptysis, hematemesis, hematochezia, uterine bleeding, traumatic bleeding, chest and abdominal sting, or flutter swelling and pain. Blood, blood, improve the body immunity. Treatment of...Read More

  • Wild Cistanche

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    Wild Cistanche

    Wild Cistanche CWH-017 Function: Treatment of kidney-yang deficiency, impotence; nocturnal emission; white turbidity; urinary frequency Lek; low back pain; foot-earing flowers; menstruation; infertility; Adjust the endocrine, and promote the role of metabolism and strong, to...Read More

  • Wild Ginseng

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    Wild Ginseng

    Wild Ginseng CWH-016 Function: excite the central nervous system, anti-fatigue, enhance the body's ability to respond to various harmful stimuli, lower blood pressure, protect the myocardium, increase vitality. Hypolipidemic. Anti-aging, enhance human immunity. Enhance...Read More

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